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Hi y'all! My name is Shaïna Michelle Caceres-Doliny and I am a Haitian-American queer, non-binary artist and abolitionist passionate about art, design, and imaginative process; this studio is the heart of all their creative passions. I use my practice as a tool to access personal and collective liberation through healing + resistance. Read more about my journey and practice below:



2015– BA, Fashion Design, Styling & Communications, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Italy

2012– International Baccalaureate Diploma with a higher lever focus in Visual Arts, Raha International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Professional Experience

2014 to Current– Co-founder, Design & Technology Lead, Spring Up

2019 to Current– Creative Director, Mx. Design Studio

2019– Graphic Designer, Florida Memorial University

2016 to 2019– Digital Media & Communications Coordinator, dōlogiic

2016 to 2017– Online Stylist, Operator

2014– Design & Styling Intern, Peace Love World

2013– Design Intern, Perry Ellis International


2023– Steering Committee Member, “Vanguard Social: Visions of Southern Queer Resistance", VAE, Raleigh, NC

2022– Group Exhibition, "Authentic: A celebration of QTBIPOC art", African American Atelier, Greensboro, NC

2022– Group Exhibition, “Vanguard Social: Visions of Southern Queer Resistance", Arts Council of Fayetteville, NC

2017– Styling & Art Direction, "Imagine a World by Spring Up", House of Art Gallery: ID Collective, Wynwood, Miami

2012– Group Exhibition, IB Vernissage: "Connecting to the world through nonverbal communication", Raddison Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our Clients


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Riley Jones

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Parker Stuart

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Taylor Jones


I have always been an artist, exploring expression through art since young, diving into new mediums, refining my skills through practice, and study, and going so far as to make it my focus throughout all my years of education. However, the work I produced was always to appease the approval of others by showing I can do the best at whatever approach I took, most of the time being realism whether through sketch, painting, or sculpture with no true sense of identity. It took me stepping away from creating for several years to truly find my voice through my art. My current practice is all about healing the traumas of both my internal and external worlds through processing personal and ancestral experiences.  My aim is for my work to be a visual reflection of liberation through healing by showing how I build the individual (self) in connection to the vast moving pieces of the universe (all). 


I intentionally began to use abstraction as a rebellion from the practice that was previously prescribed to me but also as a way to create a new language to express my visions. Through the practice of deep shadow work and ancestral healing, I translate directly from the chaos of my mind and spiritual connection to my work- no filter, no refinement, just raw through intuitive mark-making. I want my pieces to not just reflect my personal experience but also conjure up deep thought and invite viewers to meditate and reflect on their own thoughts, emotions, & experiences to speak to their own healing. 


Expressing how I relate to liberation through healing while existing in this world as “other” (Black, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, disabled) is at the heart of all I create. My art has allowed me to break away from the palatable version of myself. It is a resistance to break the facade that I created and come back to the authentic version of myself: one that embraces the messy, and is empowered through exploring a new way of being. 

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